What is the Quantum
Home Trainer?

The Quantum Home Trainer is a non-medical consumer product that measures and changes the distortions in our spiritual -- or quantum -- body. The Quantum Home Trainer measures things beyond our conscious, egoconscious, subconscious and unconscious minds. It measures our quantum field -- our spiritual being or our individual highest consciousness -- and it rectifies any errors we have in our higher consciousness, our quantum or spiritual body.

Our quantum body is our spiritual body and its a field of pure consciousness. It is our individual archetype, the "real" us.

What the Quantum Home Trainer Does According to Quantum Mechanics

The Quantum Home Trainer is a tool to assist us in doing these things. It does not do everything. We have to do our personal work. As we eliminate our cravings and addictions we raise the frequency of our astral body and ego. As we resolve our emotional issues we are able to change our thinking. As we change our thinking we are able to correct the distortions in our quantum body -- we are able to reconcile the discontinuities in our quantum body. We work up from our physical to our energetic, auric or emotional, mental and quantum bodies.

The Quantum Home Trainer works down from the quantum universe to our quantum body by helping us change our thinking in our mental body, resolve our emotional issues in our auric body, recharge our energy body and express these changes in our physical body.

What the Quantum Home Trainer Really Does (In our Opinion)

The Quantum Home Trainer is a quantum trainer that changes the individual quantum field. Specifically it helps us:

  1. reconcile our quantum discontinuities which is the same as correcting our quantum distortions
  2. change our erroneous thinking about ourselves, other people and all other things
  3. resolve our harmful and destructive emotional vibrations
  4. recharge our inappropriate electro-magnetic energy patterns
  5. reduce our stress, manage our pain, enhance the quality of our lives, release our negative emotions, improve our depth of concentration, memory and awareness, detoxify all our bodies, heal us on every level of our being, lose weight and look younger

What the Quantum Home Trainer is Not

The Quantum Home Trainer is not a medical device and it does not diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure or attempt to cure any medical, physical, mental, psychological or emotional disorder, disease or condition.

If any medical disease, disorder or condition, mental disorder, disease or condition, energetic craving or addiction, emotional issue or condition is cured through using the Quantum Home Trainer, this indicates a change in the individual's quantum field. The medical profession and regulatory agencies consider these beneficial side effects of the training and not a medical cure under FDA, Health Canada and EU rules and regulations. No claims can be made concerning beneficial side effects because there is no scientific evidence proving anything was cured.

The Quantum Home Trainer is not a random number generator. It does not use any technology similar to that reportedly used by the QXCI/EPFX, SCIO, Indigo, Life System, Core Inergetix or Spectravision. It is built on a new technology considered by our engineers to be superior to all known random number generators reportedly used in these systems.


We suggest you try a Quantum Home Trainer in your home or office for thirty days under our unconditional money-back guarantee. You'll be glad you shared your unit with your family and friends. If for any reason, you decide to return your unit, contact Customer Service for return instructions. The full instructions are explained in the Owners Manual which you receive with your unit.

How do I Purchase a Quantum Home Trainer?

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