How Does the Quantum Home Trainer Work?

There are three major theories about how the Quantum Home Trainer Works. We'll examine them in this article. These theories are 1) the Quantum Theory, 2) the Divine Intervention Theory and 3) the Heal Yourself Theory. If you believe one of these theories will work for you, it will. If you change your mind and believe a different theory will work for you, it will.

All three theories work depending upon how much you believe that theory. The good news is: The more you use your Quantum Home Trainer, the more you know all three theories work.

If you believe in science, the Quantum Theory works.

If you believe in Divine Grace, the Divine Intervention Theory works.

If you believe you heal yourself, the You Heal Yourself Theory works

If you believe in two of these theories, both theories work.

If you believe all three of these theories, they all work.

1. Quantum Theory

Quantum mechanics is proving that the distance between any two things is an illusion. This is true because quantum physics has already proven all things in the universe are illusions, that everything in the creation is an illusion, or at the very least a hologram within the Universal Mind.

Quantum mechanics is on the verge of proving everything in this illusion is mental, everything is within the mind. We are all "thought forms" who think we are what we see in the mirror -- who think we are what other people tell us we are. We are holograms experiencing life as we know it for reasons we are still trying to understand.

In reality we are not a body of flesh and blood. These are illusions. We are energy, both electric and magnetic, energy that pushes outward and energy that pulls inward. We are an energy being that creates the appearance of having a body. If we change the energy, we change the physical illusion that is us. This is the basis for Energy Medicine and Energy Healing (Reiki and Healing Hands).

In reality we are not energy and we are not an energy field. Energy is just another illusion. We are an emotional, vibrating, auric field of vibrations that create energy and energy fields. If we change the vibration, we change the energy illusion that is us; and changing the energy illusion changes the physical illusion that is us. This the the basis for Vibration Medicine, Holistic, Natural and Alternative Medicine, Oriental Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine and Faith Healing.

In reality we are not an emotional field and we are not a vibration. Both are just illusions. We are a mental field or mind that creates emotional fields or auras and vibrations. If we change our thinking ,we change our emotions, we change the emotional illusion we think we are. When we change our thinking we change our emotions, our energy, and our physical illusion. This is the basis for Informational Medicine and Mind Treatments, Prayer or Mental Healing.

In reality we are not a mental field or a mind as these are also illusions. We are a center of perfect consciousness that creates thoughts and ideas that become the mind but we are not these thoughts and ideas. We are a conscious being that is perfect and unchangeable. When we accept this, everything becomes exactly what we want it to become. This is not medicine. It is beyond our comprehension of medicine. It is a process of awakening to our true nature as a spiritual being. We call this Quantum Training, changing the quantum field that we are.

If all of this is true, and many quantum physicists are attempting to prove exactly this, then quantum training is a process of helping us to accept who and what we truly are -- a perfect being. When we do this we heal the illusion that we believe we are on every level of our being.

2. Divine Intervention Theory

Ancient philosophers understood the same thing quantum physics says; but they explained it in a different way. They said:

We are a unique spiritual being we call our true self. Our true self is the unique spark of Divine Consciousness created by, and living within the Mind of the Divine. Our true self is pure consciousness; and it is always in direct communion (communication) with the Divine. Our true self is a spiritual being and we are that spiritual being. Ancient philosophers called this state of being the World of Spirit.

As the Divine is called by many names, so our True Self self has many other names including our highest self, higher self, true essence, essence, true being, being, perfect self and center or perfect archetype. It is our individual archetype, essence, being or our highest, higher or perfect self and it is more than all of these. It is our source of life and living within the Divine. Our true self is perfect, infinite in size, omniscient, omnipotent and immanent. It has no shape and occupies no space just like the Divine. It has always been and it will always be, just like the Divine. But, our true self is not the Divine. The Divine is greater than the sum total of everything the Divine has created.

Our true self is the parent of our mind which resides within our true self and is always in communion with it. Our mind is filled with thoughts and ideas, awareness, intentions, memories, fantasies and beliefs. It is used to pay attention, reason things out and accept intuitive insights. Our mind is a spirit living not in the perfect world of our true self, but in the world of good and evil, the World of Air. Our spirit is the child of our true self and the parent of our soul. It resides in the World of Air, the world of thoughts and ideas.

Our mind created our feelings based on what we know and believe, on what we imagine to be true. Our spirit is the parent of our emotions created by us reflecting upon our own thoughts and ideas, colored by our own intentions, beliefs and awareness. Our soul is this creation. Our soul is the "real" us that feels rather than "thinks." It resides in the world of our ever-changing emotions, the World of Water.

Our soul is the parent of our ego that thinks through our emotions and creates our desires, passions, wants, needs, cravings and addictions. Because this is so, some people believe our ego is the child of our spirit and our soul. Others believe the spirit works through our soul to create our ego. Still others believe our soul uses our spirit to create our ego. In all scenarios our ego resides in the Astral world of our desires, the World of Fire. The Ego is also referred to as our false self or the great illusion.

Our ego is the parent of our personality which is expressed through several different personae -- parent, child, boss, employee, student, teacher, friend, enemy or any of hundreds of different masks we can wear. Our ego and all of its children (persona) resides in the physical world where all things are possible, the World of Earth.

We can summarize this as follows:

True self - World of Spirit, consciousness - resides forever as a part of the Divine and creates our spirit.

Spirit - World of Air, the world of mind - resides forever within our true self and creates, is the parent of, all our myriad emotions.

Soul - World of Water, the world of emotions - resides forever within our spirit and is the parent of, creates, all our passions, cravings, addictions, wants and needs.

Ego - World of Fire, the world of desires - resides forever within our soul and is the parent of creates, our individual personae.

Personae - World of Earth, the world of ignorance - reside within our physical body to protect our fragile ego and experience living in this physical universe.

The Modern Essenes teach an ancient healing methodology based on what we now know is quantum physics. The ancient Essenes used these techniques over five thousand years ago. Very simply stated that healing paradigm is:

To heal your body, you must remove all of your harmful desires, desires that harm or will harm you or others. Remove them and your body will heal.

To remove harmful desires you must resolve your emotional issues, emotions that gave birth to your harmful desires. Remove them and your ego will heal.

To resolve your emotional issues you must change your thinking, thinking that gave birth to your emotions in the first place. Change your thinking and your soul will heal.

To change your thinking you must reconnect with the Divine and accept Divine intervention. Change your thinking and your spirit will be healed.

True healing can commence at any point. You can accept Divine intervention at any time, or at any step in this process, by reconnecting yourself to the Divine and become healed on every level of your being.

You Heal Yourself Theory

This theory is based on the assumption the Divine created us to be everything the Divine is. Therefore we have a birthright to become exactly whom and what we want to become. We can transform ourselves because the Divine gave us the wisdom, power and ability to transform ourselves.

The process is the same as Divine Intervention. The difference is that instead of accepting healing from the Divine or the Divine acting through our own soul, spirit and true self, we take responsibility to transform ourselves. We do that by an act of faith and an act of will.

The act of faith required is for us to acknowledge the Divine gave us the wisdom and power to heal ourselves. The act of will is our determination to use our Divine wisdom and power to heal ourselves. By these two acts and our belief in these two acts, we heal ourselves.

Comparing Quantum and Divine Theories

You probably see why quantum physicists believe they are proving the existence of a single creator that is the source of everything in the universe. This research is already on the verge of proving the One Source is the consciousness in everything in the creation.

Actually they have already proven this scientifically, but the medical scientific community hasn't accepted that proof yet. They won't as long as the pharmaceutical companies have control of medical research.


We suggest you try a Quantum Home Trainer in your home or office for thirty days under our unconditional money-back guarantee. You'll be glad you shared your unit with your family and friends.

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