The Frequencies We Use


1,250,000 Frequencies and Counting...

We have over 1,250,000 training frequencies in our training database which is more than all of our competitors combined. And we're adding more frequencies every week.

Our database contains the quantum derivatives of all known Bare, Bolick, Clark, Crane, Marsh, McWilliams, Rife and Skilling frequencies. We find that whatever you can do with the radio wave frequencies discovered by these scientists, you can do with their quantum derivatives. The only difference is the quantum derivatives work better with no side effects.

Our database contains the frequencies of all known alchemical tinctures, carbohydrates, crystals, elements -- including the rare earths and inert elements, essential plant oils, extremely low frequency emissions, gem stones, herbal tinctures, herbs, human food oils and proteins, precious and semi-precious metal ores, minerals, Schuman (Earth) Waves, semi-precious stones, vitamins and water.

Our database contains the frequencies of all audible sounds, Nogier, Scalar Wave, Solfeggio, sub-audible sound and twelve octaves of higher harmonics of all audible sounds. We're in the process of adding more sound frequencies including planetary sounds and the sounds of the Universe. Your software will automatically be upgraded as we release these frequencies.

Our database contains the frequencies of all organs and systems for humans and domestic buffalo, camel, cat, cattle, chicken, chinchilla, deer, dog, donkey, duck, elk, fox, geese, goat, guinea pig, hamster, horse, mink, monkey, mule, pig, quail, rabbit, raccoon, sheep and turkey.

Our database contains all organ and system frequencies for farmed amphibians, fish and reptiles including angelfish, black snake, box turtle, bull frog, bull snake, carp, catfish, crawfish, garter snake, guppy, leopard frog, neon tetra, rattlesnake, salamander, salmon, shrimp, Siamese Beta, snapping turtle, tilapia and tree frog.

Let us know what frequencies you want or need included. If we don't already have them, we'll find them and add them to our database. Just send us a list of what you need and we'll check it out and start working on it for you. We're adding new frequencies almost every day. Contact us.

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